$70    60 min 

$105    90 min

$140  2 hours 

​(Additional fee if documents are requested)


Mon-Fri  9:00-12:30 

​(Closed Sat & Sun)

Carol does not take insurance, L&I or PIP.


WA License #MA00022175

carol speaker, LMP

Carol Speaker has been a massage practitioner since 2006. Her treatments are deep with sustained, medium-heavy pressure so if you're looking for a "feel-good" massage, this is not a match for you! She specializes in treating chronic pain using deep tissue myofascial release and Structural Stabilization. For more information on Structural Stabilization click here.

After graduating massage school in 2005, Carol attended 100 hours of anatomy & physiology, biology and microbiology classes to obtain a deeper understanding of the human body.  She worked closely with a chiropractor, treating unusual chronic pain disorders.  She developed a highly effective treatment plan for those patients and began teaching her technique in 2011.  She spent 2 years teaching Kinesiology & Musculoskeletal Anatomy at American Institute of Clinical Massage where she currently teaches her continuing education classes.  She owns Myohealth Massage Center in Spokane Valley where she currently follows her passion as a massage therapist.  

Early on in Carol's career, she injured herself so badly her doctor retired her.  After one year of retirement, she was ready to figure out a way to make massage a possibility.  Using a variety of yoga techniques, she reinvented the wheel with body mechanics and it ended up being the catalyst to a new massage technique that has transformed the way muscles react to massage.  Clients began getting better in unprecedented ways and they told everyone they knew.  Carol's injuries gave her a unique insight to the pain her clients were in and her ability to "listen" to muscle tissue has dubbed her "the muscle doctor".  She teaches her students how to "listen" to the way muscle tissue is responding and it's what sets her students apart from others.  Jill and Becky have successfully completed her course in Structural Stabilization and have added it to their wealth of skills and knowledge.