$40  |  2 CEU  |  JUNE 26, 7:30PM-9:30PM

$40  |  2 CEU  |  JULY 3, 7:30PM-9:30PM

The entire four-week course is recommended to master the techniques.  However, you can take any or all the classes at your discretion.  The whole course is valued at $600 but if you sign up for all seven classes, you only pay $550.  That’s 31 ceu’s, 2 DVD’s and a book on most of the material covered for only $550.  Sign up today to hold your place!


Carol Speaker, LMP


FREE  |  1 CEU  | JUNE 23, 9am - 10am

This full weekend workshop focuses on deep tissue myofascial release of every muscle attached to the pelvic and shoulder girdles in a systematic routine through pins and stretches, deep linear friction and deep static pressure.  This technique is slow and mindful, helping you tune into muscle responses.  My background as a kinesiology instructor brings an emphasis on muscle anatomy.  With PowerPoint, I cover the origins, insertions and actions of all 27 muscles taught in the two routines. ​  Effectively treat sciatic pain, thoracic outlet syndrome, rotator cuff tendinitis, frozen shoulder syndrome, nerve impingement, tendonitis, bursitis and slow the degenerating effects of arthritis as well as relieve its symptoms.  These routines take the guesswork out of treatment massage and is perfect for the beginner as well as the master.  Two DVDs and an instruction book are included.

Location:  American Institute of Clinical Massage located at 4365 Inverness Drive, Post Falls, ID 83854.  

What to bring:  ​Tables and bolsters are provided unless otherwise stated on the registration page.  Please bring sheets, massage oil, food and water.

Cancellation policy:  If cancelled before 7 days prior to class, you will receive a full refund, minus a $20 administrative fee.  If you register for the full six-week course and can't make a class, a refund reflecting the discount and administrative fee will be refunded before 7 days prior to the class you can't make.  No refund will be issued after the 7 day window.  If cancelled before 48 hours of a class, you may receive a credit for future classes, if space allows.

$120  |  6 CEU  |  JUNE 23, 10:30am-5:30pm

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​Everything you learn in these classes requires proper body mechanics to prevent injury to you so I start the course off with a free body mechanics class.  You do not have to take any of the other classes to take this free class.  Body mechanics is an important way to keep you working for many years and feeling good doing it.  When massage is given with proper body mechanics, it can actually be a healthy workout for you instead of beating your body up.  Learn the important basic stances, shoulder alignment, hip alignment, foot alignment, which muscle group to use during certain positioning, self-care and what not to do.  Everything is taught with using forearms and elbows in mind so thumbs are never necessary.  Save those thumbs, they're precious!

$40  |  2 CEU  |  JUNE 26, 5PM-7PM

Keep your client out of that dreaded boot, which causes hip problems later, with this proven technique that will leave doctors scratching their heads.  There's a great deal that is typically overlooked in this complex problem.  Learn how to reach areas of the lower leg and foot to release petrified muscles and fascia so your client can have their life back.



This area is the most unnaturally over-used of the human body and an increasing number of people are developing problems here. Surgery is the typical recommendation by doctors but there is a simpler and non-invasive, permanent solution if applied correctly. Learn how to use your forearms and elbows to reach the often-missed muscles of the arm that are causing disharmony in the wrist and elbow.  Discover the typical impingement sites and what they feel like in this revealing class.

Dive into the deepest layers of the neck using your forearm, elbow and jostling/stretching techniques.  Effectively treat thoracic outlet syndrome, migraines, restless leg syndrome, whiplash and more.  Clients LOVE this and will become your number one fan when they regain full range of motion in their necks! 

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These under-treated muscles can be the underlying cause of pain from the groin to the neck and everything in between.  Learn how to use your elbow to give the iliopsoas the stretch of its life, and to thoroughly release the QL in just minutes.  Effectively treat low back, sciatic and SI joint pain for good!  These simple techniques that will have your clients telling all their friends and family about you! 

$40  |  2 CEU  |  JULY 3, 5PM-7PM

American Istitute of Clinical Massage


$320  |  16 CEU  |  JULY 14-15, 9AM-6PM

Fascia immobilizes as a result of various causes like dehydration or prolonged positioning.  It is probably the number one factor in all that ails the human body.  No matter what your client comes in complaining about, releasing the fascia alone could relieve their symptoms.  Releasing it in one area is not as effective as releasing the entire body.  A full body myofascial release lasts longer and has immediate results.  In this class, you will be releasing the deep fascia, not just the superficial layer, and you will learn what deep, tight fascia feels like.  You will take turns on the table giving and receiving a full body release so get ready to feel great after this class!

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