Passion for massage began for Leticia at a young age.  She has a natural gift to locate and treat scar tissue, adhesions (knots) and underlying injuries.  Her technique is very deep, slow and thorough with thoughtful detail to each individual muscle.  She specializes in acute injuries, chronic pain, inflammation in joints and muscle tissue, repetitive stress injuries and a variety of head and neck pathologies.  Her deep work, combined with her attention to detail, has changed many of her clients lives.  She also offers hot stone massage which is an option you can choose during the process of scheduling a regular massage.

In addition to Leticia's fantastic deep tissue massage techniques, she also specializes in a unique form of myofascial release massage.  She lived in Korea for nine years where she was exposed to the eastern way of massage, developing her own technique using only her feet.  This is a deep, thorough stretching of the inner layers of tissue that wrap around all muscle tissue, bones and organs.  Tissue is revitalized with circulation, enhancing the health of the entire body.  Pain and inflammation greatly decreases and you are left with an overall sense of living in a new body.

Leticia has been a licensed massage therapist since 2016.  She does not take insurance and accepts cash only at this time.  She is taking new clients.

Leticia, LMP


WA License #MA60683229

Rates  ​(cash only)

$80    60 min 

$120    90 min

$160  2 hours 

​(Additional fee if documents are requested)


Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 


Tues, Thurs